What are the Community Guides?

"What are Community Guides?"  Community Guides are professionals trained to locate community resources for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD), and to coordinate the use of those resources with the person they support.

Who are the Community Guides?

Listed below are The Arc of Rowan's Community Guide Staff.

  Lori Ewart, Assistant Executive Director/Community Guide Supervisor

Contact Lori at:  704 637-1521 office, cell 704 798-9739
  Jane Jackman, Community Guide 

I started working at The Arc of Rowan in 2001.   My first opportunity to work with people with Intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DD) was in 1979.  I am a First Aid/CPR Instructor.  In 2008 I was trained as a Guardian ad Litem (GAL) were I learned to advocate for children during court proceedings.  My Hometown is Chapel Hill, NC.  I have lived in Gold Hill, NC for 33 yearsI have an extended “Fur Family” including my Beagle, Ginger.

Contact Jane at:  704 637-1521 office, 704 798-7788 cell, jjackman@thearcofrowan.org
  Julie Sadler, Community Guide

Hi my name is Julie I have been with The Arc for two years. I love my job.  I enjoy assisting people with their needs. I live in Salisbury and love spending time with my boyfriend of three years and my poodle. My favorite activity is going on walks and hiking.

Contact Julie at:  704 637-1521 Office, 704 310-7521 Cell, Jsadler@thearcofrowan.org
  Jody Phillips, Community Guide/Records Manager

I am a part-time Community Guide and Records Manager.  I have been with The Agency since 2009.  My family and I reside in Davidson County.

Contact Jody at 704 637-1521 Office, 704 310-1283,  jphillips@thearcofrowan.org
  Marissa Mull, Community Guide

My name is Marissa Mull and I am so happy to be a part of the Arc family. I was a paralegal for 7 years and decided I needed a change in my life. I have always wanted to work with families and individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities so I feel very blessed to finally have the opportunity to do so!!! In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family, friends & boyfriend. I love being outdoors so outside of work, that is usually where you'll find me!

Contact Marissa at:  704 637-1521 Office, Cell 704 223-1301 mmull@thearcofrowan.org
  April Morris, Community Guide

Hey! My name is April Morris. I have been married for 20 years and have four children. I have worked with kids of all ages as an assistant preschool teacher and gymnastics coach for 15 years. I was a care giver for Direct Care and I have personal experience with a family member with IDD. I am fairly new to the world of Community Guide, but I am anxious and excited to share all of our resources and opportunities! 

Contact April at:  704 310-7520 Cell, amorris@thearcofrowan.org
  Angelique Young, Community Guide

Hello, my name is Angelique Young.  I have been with The Arc of North Carolina for 5 years as an Associate Support.  Being a one on one I assisted individuals with IDD meet their daily living goals by fostering and developing their skills in order to gain more independence. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to advocate for individuals with IDD and their families as a Community Guide. Finding additional resources for individuals with IDD and their families is my passion and I thank you for welcoming me into The Arc of Rowan family.

Contact Angelique at: (704) 637-1521 office,  (704) 680-7651 cell,  ayoung@thearcofrowan.org
  Shelby Pace, Community Guide

My name is Shelby Pace and I am so pleased to be a part of The Arc of Rowan family! I have been in the medical field for 3 years and decided I wanted to pursue something that has been my passion for so long. Helping individuals with I/DD and their families has always had a place in my heart and I’m so excited that I have this opportunity to serve individuals and their families!!

Contact Shelby at:  Office: 704 637-1521, Cell 704 431-3041   space@thearcofrowan.org
  Roxy Davis, Community Guide

Hello, my name is Roxy Davis. I am so happy to be a part of the Arc family. I have always been passionate about helping individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities. I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to be a Community Guide. I live in Salisbury and I spend my time outside of work with my husband and son.  

Contact Roxy at:  Office: 704 637-1521, Cell:  704 431-6058  rdavis@thearcofrowan.org  
 Susan Link, Community Guide

Hello, my name is Susan Link. I enjoy working at The Arc of Rowan as a Community Guide. I enjoy working with and helping people with intellectual/developmental disabilities by advocating and locating various resources for them.  My background includes working in the education and banking fields.  I have experience working with children and young adults,  including those with IDD. I have been married for almost 27 years, have three children, and enjoy spending time with my family.
Contact Susan at:  Office 704 637-1521, slink@thearcofrowan.org